International cooperation

Areas of special interest for FINS in the past and future international projects are:

  • Sustainability of food and feed production;
  • Food and feed quality and safety;
  • Bioactive components and functional foods;
  • Managing the food and feed chain;
  • Traditional food and food with geographical indications;
  • A new biotechnological processes and products (nanotechnology included);
  • Food and consumers;
  • Improving the scientific potential and capacity (researchers, infrastructure);
  • Networking with researchers worldwide.

Institute gives great attention to international cooperation in order to strengthen its research and technological potential, as a source of funds for research projects and as a method for networking and integration with our foreign counterparts in the field. Special attention is paid to the European Framework Programmes (FPs, Horizons), as the largest and most important ­European scientific cooperation programs.

Institute participates in several successful FP and Horizon projects (section with examples of projects). In addition to adopting the latest ­scientific achievements and technologies, and ­strengthen their scientific capacity, the Institute seeks to convey all this to our industry in order to maximize overall benefits.

In this regard, the Institute includes ­Serbian companies in European projects and ­assists them in adopting new knowledge and ­technologies, and thus improving the modernization of our industry.

FINS is a member of various international organizations and forums in the field of food and food technology:

EUFIC, EUFETEC, FEFAC, FOODForce, Food for Life, Food Cluster Initiative, IFIF, EFOST, ISEKI and others, through which influences the formation of its own, national and European strategies in the production food and feed.

Through various international projects and conferences Institute cooperates with many similar institutions in the country, region, Europe and the world, contributing to the general progress of science and knowledge in the field of food and feed.

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