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Research and Development

The Institute has extensive expertise and experience in ­applying the latest scientific achievements in research related to food and feed technology. In addition to an experienced team of ­researchers ­enhanced with young associates, Institute is equipped with ­modern instruments that guarantee high quality results and ­products. Investigations are carried out in accordance with ­national and European strategic priorities and modern industrial ­requirements and trends.

Acredited FINS Laboratory–

Our accredited laboratory uses more than 300 analytical methods in cooperation with manufacturers of food products, in order to provide constant quality and safety of their products. Methods are constantly being updated in line with the needs and demands of our partners from industry, consumers, inspection services and others.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Cooperation with industry is an important segment of the Institute’s activities and the bridge between research and its application in practice. This process is ¬realized through the transfer of knowledge via conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as through the transfer of technology through projects, consulting, design, feasibility studies, detailed studies on specific products, training and the like. That’s why we say that the Institute is a place where science and industry meet.

Education, Dissemination and Training

Dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in the field of food and feed technology is done by organizing conferences, seminars, ­workshops for SMEs, publishing, demonstration exercises for students, guest appearances in the media and various other forms of popularization of science and our ­achievements.

International cooperation

We attach great importance to international cooperation, as a way to enter into scientific research in our field together with foreign colleagues, and to provide support from international funds to ­finance research projects, strengthening our research potential and networking with other institutions.

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FINSLab Laboratory

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