Research center for feed technology and quality

In its work, the Research Center for feed Technology and Quality deals with basic, applied and developmental research, following all modern world trends within the entire food chain. Starting from primary agricultural production, by-products of the food industry, as well as various bioactive and functional additives, various components are incorporated into animal feed, which also have an impact on the final products in the food chain, food for humans. In this research center, scientific research work is performed primarily related to:

  • Technology of raw materials, additives, mixtures and premixes
  • Nutritional characteristics of food
  • Development of recipes and manufacturer specifications
  • Production-technological properties of animal feed (physical, chemical, biochemical, hygienic, functional, etc.)
  • Methods of storage and preservation of animal feed
  • Sustainability in the food chain
  • Environmental protection

Research center for feed technology and quality has a successful cooperation with industry and relevant research institutions in the country and abroad, with the aim of developing new and improving existing technologies and applying scientific achievements in practice.

The researchers of the Center cooperate with stakeholders in the society, which influences the strategies related to research and development, technical problems, quality management (ISO, HACCP, GMP, etc.), current and future regulations, etc.

Apart from the mentioned activities, the center also deals with the development of development plans, investment programs, conceptual solutions and main technological projects, organization of seminars and conferences, preparation of scientific studies, expert consultations, training of business personnel and direct interventions in plants.

To perform experiments in these areas, the Center also has:

  • Pilot plant for feed technology
  • Technological laboratory for feed
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FINSLab Laboratory

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