Research center for fruit and vegetable-based products

Research focus: fresh fruits and vegetables and other raw materials with similar technological performance (medicinal and wild plants, seedlings, mushrooms, algae, spices, industrial plants, oilseeds, seeds and alternative crops, waste and by-products of processing)

Research areas:

  • characterization of conventional and alternative sources of nutrients and bioactive food ingredients and design of value-added food products
  • reduction of waste and losses and valorization of by-products of processing
  • analysis and improvement of the storage capacity, sustainability and shelf life of fresh and processed products; and
  • improvement of the value chain

Systematic approach to research:

  • analysis of the needs of direct users and the social community
  • development of technological solutions from laboratory level, through pilot plants to application in practice
  • comprehensive analytical characterization of raw materials and developed products in terms of composition, functional properties, sensory profile, consumer appeal and shelf life
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FINSLab Laboratory

08:00 - 14:00

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