Dr Miona Belović

Senior research associate


Diploma (equivalent to M.Sc.) in Technology Engineering, Faculty of Technology Novi Sad, 2010.

Ph.D. in Technology Engineering, Faculty of Technology Novi Sad, 2016.

(Thesis: “Utilization of tomato processing byproduct as raw material for value-added food products”)


Products based on grain crops for human and animal nutrition. Evaluation of the influence of carbohydrate components of food (dietary fibres, hydrocolloids and starch) on the rheological, microstructural and textural properties of food products. Utilization of the food industry by-products with aim to create plant-based food products with added value (replacement of sugar, increase in dietary fibre content and bioactivity). Processing technology, quality and safety analysis of the flour, bakery products and flour-based confectionery products, with a focus on wholegrain flour products.

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