Workshop „Regional Innovation Needs vs. Innovation Capacity of HEIs“

📢 We had an incredible workshop last week on „Regional Innovation Needs vs. Innovation Capacity of HEIs“ within the InterHEI project! 🌍✨

🔬 Our workshop delved into the fascinating topic of innovation, focusing on the delicate balance between regional innovation needs and the innovation capacity of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). We were thrilled to explore various aspects of the innovation ecosystem and foster a culture of innovation. 💡🚀

🙌 What made our workshop truly special was its interactive nature! Participants actively engaged in discussions, brainstorming sessions and collaborative activities. Together we started to explore the strategies to bridge the gap between regional needs and HEIs’ innovation capacity.

✨   Stay tuned for future events and opportunities to further explore the exciting world of innovation. Let’s continue to nurture and harness the power of innovation for positive change! 💪🌍🚀

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