Education and training

Institut kao centar izvrsnosti i jedan od lidera naučnotehnološkog razvoja i inovacija u lancu hrane u Evropi i svetu.

FINS is also an educational institution active in ­disseminating knowledge in the field of food and feed and food technology. Our educational activities are carried out through organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, doctoral studies, ­demonstration experiments for students, media appearances where we disseminate our results, seminars for colleagues from industry and SMEs, participation in science festivals, cooperation with other colleges and universities in the development of educational programs from our scientific research areas. Great role in these activities also have our Institute’s ­publishing activities.

Start of publishing activities of our Institute is dated back to the 1974 and the first printed issue of “Žito-hleb” journal.

During 33 years of publication, an impressive scientific production of nearly thousand scientific and professional papers has been published. The continuity of the magazine is achieved through magazine: “Food Processing, ­Quality and Safety” and its final concept in order to ­create a respectable international publication has received in the current “online” journal in English under the title: Food &˛Feed Research.

Publishing activities of the Institute also include issuing monographs, books, textbooks, ­proceedings of congresses and conferences, special issues, that create identity and reputation of the Institute and its recognition in the scientific and cultural milieu.

With the advent of digital information ­systems and Internet, the scope of the Institute’s ­publishing activities extended to electronic ­resources, thus establishing rapid and ­successful progression of information in the field of ­scientific research.

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