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Technology for protecting food integrity in the Danube Region

Faces of changing climate in Danube region: occurence of mycotoxins in maize and suggesting the mitigation strategy

Multilateral Scientific and Technological Cooperation Projects in the Danube Region
ID: DS-2016-0059
RS ID: 337-00-00136/2016-09/01

Coordinator: Dr Jovana Kos

Duration: 2017-2018


In order to successfully respond to the challenges of the changing role of research institutions in the open innovation era, “The Innovative Food Product Development Cycle” was defined as the frame for stepping up scientific excellence of FINS throughout the cooperation with the partners across different disciplines of food technology that are integrally applied in the conversion of raw materials to innovative food products.

Coordinator: Dr Milica Pojić

Duration: 2013-2016

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