A European Network For Mitigating Bacterial Colonisation and Persistence on Foods and Food Processing Environments

koordinator: Dr Hülya Ölmez , TÜBİTAKFOOD INSTITUTETurkey

Duration: 2013-2018

Akcije TD1104

European network for development of electroporation-based technologies and treatments (EP4Bio2Med)“

Duration: 2013-2016

FA1401 PiGutNet

Duration: 2014-2018

Action FP1306

Valorisation oflignocellulosic biomass side streams for sustainable production of chemicals,materials & fuels using low environmental impact technologies

Coordinator: Dr Marija Bodroža Solarov

Duration: 2014-2018


Setting up innovation support mechanisms and increasing awareness on the potential of food innovation and RTD in the South-East Europe area


Coordinator: Dr Olivera Đuragić

Duration: 2011-2013


Establishment and promotion of new approaches and tools for the strengthening of primary sector’s competitiveness and innovation in the South East Europe

Coordinator: Dr Olivera Đuragić

Duration: 2012-2014


Cross-border-Co-operation Programme Hungary-Serbia; Research cooperation on developing innovative fish feed for promotion of healthy food in region

Duration: 2012-2013


(Serbia-Hungary) – Improvement of safety of corn based feedstuffs through using more resistant hybrids and management of corn processing

Duration: 2012-2013


Reinforcement of Feed to Food Research Center at Institute for Food Technology of the University of Novi Sad

Duration: 2008-2011


KBBE-2010-2-3-03: Low cost technologies and traditional ingredients for the production of affordable, nutritionally correct foods improving health in population groups at risk of poverty

Call: FP7-KBBE-2010-4

Coordinator: Dr Anamarija Mandić

Duration: 2011-2014